Bring Me A Storm

Angelo Custodio as Figaro
 photo by Kim Krijnen
An opera for soloist and ensemble
Text & Music:   Boris Bezemer
Stage Director:   Stephen Liebman
Scenography:   Django Walon
Dramaturgy:   James Whiting
Conductor:   Coen Stuit
Light Designer:   Jasper Nijholt
Video Editor:   Maurice Angenois


The libretto of Bring Me A Storm is based on a soliloquy from an original play by french author Pierre Beaumarchais called The Mad Day, or The Marriage of Figaro [1]. This text is unused in Mozart’s opera version of the play.

In the soliloquy, Beaumarchais blurs the boundaries between fiction and actuality. He mingles his own voice and experiences as a censored author with the struggles of the eternal servant, barber, poet, and jack of all trades: the legendary Figaro.

In Bring Me A Storm, Boris Bezemer takes up the framework of Beaumarchais’s soliloquy and intertwines it with his own poetry, ideas, actualities and other stuff that matters to him.


If I was a rock, I would need you to wash me
If I was a rock, I would hide by the sea
If I was a rock, I would look for my peers
If I was a rock, I would worry about how I look

If I was a shark, I would swim so fast that no one would see me
If I was a shark, I would be always on the run
If I was a shark, I would be an artist

If I was a pearl necklace, I would always be nervous
If I was a pearl necklace, I would dream of breaking
I would dream of being scattered

If I was an angel I would take the form of a horse. And fly through rainy clouds. I would wear a beautiful tight suit with scales on it to make me look like a fish. My hooves would be gold, just like my nose ring. My tail would be thick and brown and I'd have a saddle in case I needed to help out a friend, or a lost passenger. Or a dreaming child, or a quiet old soul whose world was slowly shrinking.

If I was with you
I'd feel completely accepted, like nothing was wrong
I would feel like a rock that doesn't want anything
I would feel like a shark, free to swim as fast as I can
I would feel like pearls in the beds of their mothers
I would feel like a child on the back of an angel horse

I would practice the trumpet
Until it could sing whatever you want
However quiet and however sweet

I would hug you in bed
Under a big fluffy blanket
When it's dark and it's cold
And when everyone's gone

And I would feel your body breathing
And I would want nothing more
Because I would be a shark
And I would be a rock


Full opera on Youtube